Best places to visit Jeypore odisha

1) Gupteswar Temple:

It is a world-famous pilgrim site situated about 55 km away Jeypore, Koraput District in the state of Odisha, India. It is a limestone cave discovered some time ago and has a number of scenic spots around. The main attraction is the gigantic Shiva Linga which is said to be increasing in size. Pilgrims from all over the country come here during the Sravana period, because the yearly Bol Bam yatra is held at this place. Devotees walk to the Gupteshwar during Bol Bam yatra to bathe in the maha kund, and then chant near the Shiva Linga.Surrounded by a dense forest of sal trees and flanked by the Kolab river, a 2m high lingam stands in the cave. The shrine is called "Gupteswar" which means the "Hidden God". It is so named because it was lying hidden in the cave for a very long period. One can reach it by climbing the 200 steps flanked with rows of champak trees. The entrance of the cave is about 3 m wide and 2 m in height. There are also several other caves nearby. Inside the second cave there is a large stalactite. People worship it as the udder of God Kamadhenu (the divine cow) and wait under it with outstretched palms to collect drops of water which fall only at long intervals.[Source]

Gupteshwar Dham yatra Jeypore Odisha

Gupteswar Cave (Koraput)

2) Kolab Botanical Garden:

Kolab Botanical Garden stands beside the Majestic Kolab reservoir is ideal for weekend picnic for people all over the district. This place is highly admired for its scenic beauty, attracting tourists for weekend picnic and boating. The well maintained botanical garden has over 200 varieties of flowering plants. Even the night view of the reservoir is worth experiencing.

Upper Kolab Dam (Jeypore)

3) Cashews (Kaju) Processing Unit Jeypore Odisha, India.

One of the growing business in Jeypore with huge market in and outside odisha is Cashews production and processing unit. Blog below is my experience at one of Cashew processing unit.

Cashew Processing Unit Jeypore Odisha

4) Airport at Jeypore Odisha, India.

This is definitely a big step taken by the government connecting Jeypore with other major city with air. Just of curisity visited Airport which was closed that time for development. Hope soon it will be operative for communiters.

Jeypore Airport

5) Temples in Jeypore:

Visiting temples in jeypore quite amazing specially Jagannath Temple.

Temples Jeypore Odisha

6) Kirandul Passenger:

Travell from Vishakhapatanam to Jeyore by Kirandul Passenger. It will be a different experience for everyone specially rainy season.

Kirandul Passenger Vishakhapatanam to Kirandul

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