How to remove Laravel cache

December 4, 2018
Clearing Laravel application cache using artisan commands is very easy to do. Sometimes it is very difficult to see changes on web pages due to the caching mechanism in our application specifically while development. So here I am sharing a few commands that will help you remove the cache from your application: 1) Clearing Application Cache php ...
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Deploying Codeigniter project from local to live server

November 5, 2018
Here I am sharing how you can deploy your Codeigniter project to production server using cPanel. For making it live you need to purchase domain and hosting space from provider like Godaddy, bigrock or hostgator. Once you purchase you can deploy your project using cPanel. Deployment can be devided in two major parts as Database and File ...
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Transfer domain to Godaddy using EPP

October 31, 2018
Transferring domain to Godaddy using EPP is very handy and anyone can do that without any technical knowledge. Before you follow the below steps make sure you have EPP code. To know more about EPP Authorization code : Step 1: Log in to your Godaddy go to Domain Manager; Step 2: Under Domains, click Transfers and ...
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Cordova : CLI usefull command

October 11, 2018
Here is the list of Cordova useful commands: 1) Creating project $ cordova create abcApp com.SM.abcApp abcApp 2) Use to update the platform projects after you edit the config.xml. It is very useful. $ cordova prepare 3) It will clean your project before you build next time. $ cordova clean 4) Adding android platform to your project. $ cordova platform add android --nofetch 5) ...
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Reading barcode or QRcode using cordova or Phonegap

September 28, 2018
Sharing code how you can easily install and configure “phonegap-plugin-barcodescanner” plugin for reading barcode and QRcode in hybrid mobile app. I am using cordova for development if you are using PhoneGap just replace “Cordova” with “phonegap” in commands below, rest will be same. Step 1: Install plugin “phonegap-plugin-barcodescanner” using below command cordova plugin add phonegap-plugin-barcodescanner After running your ...
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Windows service on local computer started and then stopped

September 28, 2018
I am getting below error while running windows service: The "my service name" service on Local Computer started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they are not in use by other service or programs" It is difficult to track down this type of generic errors. You can do the following options to figure out the ...
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Installing Windows Services using command prompt

September 26, 2018
In this post, I am sharing how you can install or uninstall windows services in your local windows system . Assuming you already built one windows services using C# and want to install it using the command prompt. Follow the below steps to install on your local windows 10 environment: Step 1: Before you install ...
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Customize excel file before exporting using jQuery DataTables

September 4, 2018
I need to format excel data before it gets exported to excel. Not much help from official documentation. So I thought of sharing few formatting tricks which are easy to do. 1) Setting file name, title and button name: buttons: [ { extend: 'excelHtml5', filename: "File Name You want", ...
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DataTables header and body not aligned

August 3, 2018
When scrolling is enabled in DataTables using scrollX or scrollY parameters, it will split the entire table into two or three individual HTML table elements; the header, the body and, optionally, the footer. This is done in order to provide the ability to scroll the different sections of the DataTable in a cross-browser manner. In my ...
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Starting windows services from C# MVC 4

July 6, 2018
Sometime you need to start/stop windows services from your C# MVC application. Here i am sharing how you can do that: 1) To access windows service you need to add below namespace in your controller: using System.ServiceProcess; If you are getting error as “namespace name ‘ServiceController’ could not be found” while adding above namesapce you need to add ...
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