Migrating content/node from drupal 4.x to drupal 7.x

April 11, 2014
Drupal having a huge support with version 6 > but with 4.X with no support and 5.x with limited support. Initially I install few module to import node/content with CSV/XML but they are not working as expected. I need to import content first which include mainly title, description images(more than one) and attachments (more than ...
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What is the difference between SMTP server mail() and PHP mail()

April 9, 2014
PHP support mail() function for sending mails. And in general we use it as it fast and easy to do it. But by doing this we for exactly what we are doing this. Because when we use mail() native function of php it goes to Spam box and not in inbox of the intended recipient.
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Wamp server port conflict with skype

March 24, 2014
If you are a PHP developer with WAMP install in you system which gives error for port number (if skype is already started). WAMP does not go green if you are logged in to skype and wanted to start your WAMP server it will not start. We can solve this problem in two ways: A) Start your WAMP ...
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Generating ERD using PHPMyAdmin

March 5, 2014
Today I need to generate ERD for my Database. If you search on net you will get number of people suggest Workbench for it but as i am using PHPMyAdmin as an GUI for my Mysql database I just don’t want to install workbench only for generating ERD. And above all when PHPMyAdmin support it ...
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How to access remote mysql server using local phpmyadmin

February 28, 2014
It is very tough to connect your remote mysql box especially when you are working with VPN. Initially I used telnet to connect to mysql box than I try to use workbench. Workbench is good and better than using telnet but again it consume more memory and if VPN got disconnected it just hanged. It ...
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Date manipulation with mysql..

February 10, 2014
There are various instance when we do date calculation on date / unix datetime fields.Following are some example as how to use inbuilt functions of mysql which will reduce doing calculation in PHP, I hope it will help someone:
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Maximum Number of Columns Per Table – Mysql

January 31, 2014
The maximum row size constrains the number of columns because the total width of all columns cannot exceed this size. For example, utf8 characters require up to three bytes per character, so for a CHAR(255) CHARACTER SET utf8 column,
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Mysql Event Scheduler an alternative to cronjob.

January 31, 2014
Mysql introduce Event scheduler which we can use alternative to Cronjob. There are many advantages over cronjob like: 1) It is directly written on Mysql Server. 2) This is platform independent. Your application might be written in any language it does not matters. You just need to know mysql.
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PHP: Calculating Business days from given dates or for particular period.

January 29, 2014
PHP has numbers of datetime related functions which we can use to get Business day between two dates. Even if we have list of holidays we can also consider that for calculating. Here is a simple example how you will get Business day in a particular period:
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Different ways to find 2nd highest salary from employee table

December 15, 2013
Now a days i am conducting PHP / Mysql interview for my organisation. And came across many of resumes with 3-4 years of experience in web development. But couple of developer given me the correct answer to this question. That is what i think i should share this.
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