Having IIS and WAMP servers on the same system

November 21, 2017
Here I am showing how you can configure IIS and WAMP server at the same time in Windows 10/8. WAMP you can download and install from HERE. IIS is preinstall in Windows 8 and 10, you need enable it. You can refer to my step by step blog “Enable IIS (Internet Information Services) Server on windows ...
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Enable IIS (Internet Information Services) Server on windows 10

November 15, 2017
IIS server is preinstall on windows 8 and 10 but this feature in turned off by default, user need to enable this feature to use it. Follow the below steps to enable it. 1) Go to Run prompt and type “appwiz.cpl” and press enter. 2) “Programs and Features” window will open. Click on “Turn Windows features on or ...
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How to import .bak file into Microsoft SQL Server 2012

November 10, 2017
Here I am showing how you can import SQL database file (in “.bak” format) using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio: 1) Open Studio and connect to the database. 2) Right click on “Database” listed in “Object Explorer” and select “Restore Database”. 3) From the popup select the “device” as “source”. 4) Click on button with “…” on the right ...
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Cordova: sorry the android camera encountered a problem

November 1, 2017
When I build for android with cordova plugin “cordova-plugin-barcodescanner” after launching camera it is giving me error like below: sorry, the android camera encountered a problem. you may need to restart the device My environment detaiils: Platform : android 6.2.3 device: MI Note 4 with MIUI 8.5 Cordova : 7.0.1 plugin: cordova-plugin-barcodescanner After google, found that it is permission issue with android ...
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Getting issue after installation of cordova-barcodescanner-plugin

October 30, 2017
To Read QR code scanner I install “cordova-barcodescanner-plugin” plugin from the command prompt. Installation is successful but when tried build it for android it giving me error as below "The value of the attribute "prefix="xmlns",localpart="android",rawname="xmlns:android"" is invalid. Prefixed namespace bindings may not be empty." I tried a lot debugging it but could not. After googling found that ...
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PHPMyAdmin: deleting all rows from MySql table

October 20, 2017
Basically, you can delete rows in MySQL table by using below two queries, which are explained as : Example: I have createded a “user” table with some sample data. Now if run delete query as below, it will delete all rows in it but structure and next auto increment value will remain unchange. DELETE FROM `user` When you insert ...
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Xiaomi mi note 4: Install via USB: The device is temporarily restricted

October 13, 2017
While doing Android development you need to install app using USB but Xiaomi Note 4 will not allow you to do unless you enable installing from USB option. Follow below steps to enable it: A) First you need to enable Developer Options. If you are already enable it, you can skip to step “B” directly. 1. Go ...
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Exporting favourite places from Here Map and importing to google map

September 25, 2017
Here map allows you to set your favorite places but if you want to migrate from Here map it does not allow you to export your favorite places. So here I am showing how you can export data and get imported to google map. Once it is imported to google map you can export and ...
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How to retrieve saved WiFi passwords on your Windows 10 or 8

September 5, 2017
Follow below steps to get your wifi password: 1) Go to system tray and right click on wifi icon. 2) You will see two options as “troubleshoot problems” and “open network and sharing center”. Click on second option i.e “open network and sharing center”. 3) A window opens. From window left links, click on “Change Adapter settings”. 4) Right ...
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Difference between singleton and factory pattern

September 2, 2017
##Singleton The single pattern is an often used pattern in many applications when only a single instance of a resource is required. The most obvious type of resource for PHP web pages is a database connection, although other resource types can be used. When fetching of dynamically creating a web page several database calls may need ...
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