enable/disable delete confirmation windows 10

July 17, 2017
Delete confirmation dialog box is something which gives a chance to be sure before deleting any file or folder. In Windows 8 and 10 by default this confirmation box got removed, so the user need to enable it manually. It is to be handy to have confirmation box if you by mistakenly press the delete ...
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Installing laravel 5 on WAMP or XAMPP

July 7, 2017
Follow below steps to configure/install Laravel 5.4 on WAMP or XAMPP servers. To install you need composer and wamp (for XAMPP also you can follow the same steps) running in your local system. Step 1. Download the composer from official composer site. You can also get the composer link from Laraval documentation page here. Step 2. Install ...
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PayUMoney: PHP integration using Codeigniter

July 3, 2017
Follow the below steps to integrate PayUMoney into Codeigniter: To download the complete code click here. For core php integration Click here. View More:Payumoney integration in Core PHP Step 1: Login to as a merchant and get merchant key and salt which we need while integration. Step 2: Update constant.php file, located inside “application/config” folder, with below code: //PayUMoney ...
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How to know CIBIL scores

June 13, 2017
CIBIL score is a number between 1 to 1000 based on credit history of an individual. It helps individual for getting the faster approval of loans like home, car or personal. Bank and other financial institution majorly rely on CIBIL scores before they lend money to individuals. So it is important to know the CIBIL score, ...
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Disable insecure password warning in Firefox

June 8, 2017
Firefox display warning message “This connection is not secure. Logins entered here can be compromised.” as soon as you start typing username or password on any website. it is like below image. Firefox display this message to user when he/she is trying to login to a web page does not having SSL certificate/connection. The Message convey ...
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How can I check my CIBIL score for free

May 27, 2017
You can check your CIBILscore for free as well as with subscription. Follow the below steps to get CIBIL Report: 1) Go to url : 2) Page open with the form, which will ask your basic detail, fill all neccessary details: Note: If you are already register with the CIBIL it will give you error like below: 3) If ...
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PayUMoney: PHP payment gateway integration

May 7, 2017
Today i have integrated PayUMoney to my website, thought of sharing. Here i am sharing how a developer can integrate PayUMoney payment getway to the website. View More:Payumoney integration using Codeigniter Step 1: Login to as an merchant and get activated your account. Be ready with your PAN card and Bank account details for registration. After ...
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How to set background image in android XML

April 25, 2017
Here I am sharing how you can set a background image in an android application with XML. There are two ways you can add images first is “android:src” attribute and second is android:background“. If you want to use build in images you can refer them as “@android:” and if you wan to use your own custom ...
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How to remove ads from skype 7 in window 10

April 3, 2017
With new upgraded skype 7.33 it is difficult to disable ads from displaying in chat windows. Here I am sharing how one can remove it from displaying: Step 1 : Exit Skype instance if it is running. Step 2: Go to the below file location: See the screen shot below: C:\Users\. Step 3: Look for config.xml ...
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WordPress: Update permalink from database

March 3, 2017
Some reason, I am not able to access the admin and server is not supporting SEO friendly urls and I need to make website up and running. So I need to access database and update the table to change the url structure of wordpress so that pages can be access using ids. Here how you can ...
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