Mysql Event scheduler

September 18, 2016
I have already posted a blog (Event Scheduler an alternative to cronjob) with different advantages of Even scheduler over cron job, here I am sharing how you can configure MySql server to enable or disable scheduler and writing a sample event scheduler. You can check with below query as your server is up for event scheduler ...
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Angularjs Ajax pagination

July 3, 2016
Sharing below how you can implement AJAX pagination using angularJS. As I am in the learning phase of angular i get fascinate after implementing something new which i don’t know. So I thought for noting it down, which will help someone out there. Steps 1: Create a HTML file as “test.html” and copy the below code. Little explanation ...
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Multiple Google Map on single page with marker and click event

April 22, 2016
Sharing below how we can create multiple google map in a single html page with marker and click event. I have added click event to show more detail about the marker like description, but we can also add different functionality like navigating to different page or zoom in or zoom out etc,. Just copy and past the ...
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How to convert Base64 string from IOS to image in PHP

March 31, 2016
Today I learn how you can store images in folder, posted using IOS or Android application to PHP server. APP need to registered a user and I am able to get and insert all user data pass using JSON format except profile image. APP sending image data as string encoding in base 64 which is looking something like below: APP converted image ...
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angularjs – ng-repeat – custom data sorting using dropdown

March 3, 2016
Today I learn how to sort data binded using ng-repeat. I am setting multiple values one for “expression” and one for “reverse” but no need for that insead you can just “-“(negative) in expression value and data get sorted reversely so simple. I facing this issue because I need to provide sorting using dropdown instead clicking ...
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Setting file editor in Core FTP

February 25, 2016
You can easily edit your files using different IDE in core FTP. Follow below steps to change/update/add editor for your server files. – First connect to server files using Core FTP. – Go to the “File Associations” in Manage menu item. You will get a screen like below: – Add the extension and select executable (as which IDE ...
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How to change AngularJS data outside the scope

February 18, 2016
Today I learn how to update scope data outside of controller or app. Angular have $scope.$apply() method which will explicitly update your binded data. Sharing sample code how I did that:  <div ng-app="mySampleApp" ng-controller="sampleCtrl"> <h1>{{mydata}}</h1> </div> <input type="button" value="Change to 'test data'" ng-model="data" onclick="change()"> Angular JS code var app = angular.module('mySampleApp', ); app.controller('sampleCtrl', function($scope, $http) { $scope.mydata = "Dummy Text"; }); function change() ...
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Codeigniter Session Issue

January 13, 2016
Due to Codeigniter session issue i need to go away from native session class of it and look for alternative. Initially I try to debug it, but not luck. So here is the code how I used PHP session instead codeginiter. There may be two approaches to achieve this either create your own library or override ...
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wordpress creating custom widget area

December 30, 2015
Today i have created a custom widget area in my theme. Thought of sharing it. Follow below two easy steps to enable it: 1) Add below lines of code to your theme functions.php file <?php /** * Register our sidebars and widgetized areas. * */ function arphabet_widgets_init() { register_sidebar( array( ...
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Bootstrap Event for modal, executing JS before modal popup

December 10, 2015
Bootstrap provide some event which can be hook on modal functionality. “” is a event used to hook a function just befor a modal window popups. Below is an example how you can acheive this using “”. //Comment Popop $("#ShowComment").on("", function(e) { var questoinId = $(e.relatedTarget).data('questoinid'); $.ajax({ method: "POST", url: "<?php echo site_url()?>dashboard/get_comments/"+questoinId }) .done(function( msg ) { $("#commentTable").html(msg); }); }); //Comment Popop Below are some events available ...
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