Getting latitude and longitude from google maps api

August 12, 2015
As a client requirement I need to get latitude and longitude of the user on clicking of map. Google API is the best option which can be configure very easily into your application and easy to add/modify. So I thought of sharing so someone will get something out of it. Here I am sharing same code… Create HTML ...
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Finding nearest location using latitude and longitude.

August 12, 2015
Here I am explaining how you can find nearest latitude and longitude with user entered latitude and longitude. Here i am trying to search all nearby places by providing user location and distance from it. We can get the user location using my earlier article “How to get location on google Map“. Let create the a table ...
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Codeigniter storing session data in database

July 22, 2015
Due to the limitation of storing cookies in browser, we can not store bulk data in session. If we want to store more data we need to find the alternative. Codeigniter natively support storing session in database. You don’t need to do any change in code, just few configuration and it will start working fine. Here I ...
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Mysql varchar max length

July 7, 2015
Maximum data what we can store in varchar in mysql was 255. But after Mysql version 5.0.3 varchar can store maximum of 65,535 characters. But again this limit is having limitation of maximum row size which is 65535 bytes. It means including all columns it should be less than 65,535 bytes. Lets take an example as below: I ...
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Github how to share the files and folder

July 6, 2015
If you want to allow another developer or user should be able to update files and folder to your repository than you need to add a new collaborator. As a collaborator a person can commite and push the files to your repository. Here I am showing how you can do it: 1) Log in to your gitHub ...
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WordPress : Custom theme location for menu

June 16, 2015
Today I learn how you can add new menu location in wordpress theme. Here I am sharing details how to do it. Step 1: First register menu location name to database. You can do it simply by adding a function in your theme functions.php file. Function register_nav_menus() Here I am adding menu as “Mobile Menu Signin”. function ...
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Drupal-7 how to use token in block body

May 7, 2015
By default block body does not support Drupal token. To parse token in block body you need to install Token filter. Following are the steps to install and configure Token filter module: 1) download Token filter module and place in “site/all/default” folder. 2) Go to admin-> module and search for “Token filter”. Select “Token filter” and click “Save ...
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Creating New Block Region in Drupal 7

May 6, 2015
Creating a custom or new block in your Drupal 7 template is very easy. Follow the steps to create it: Step 1. Go to your theme folder and look for “.info” file. I am using theme “corporate” so info file will be located “themes\corporate\”. You will see different location/blocks in your theme. like below: regions ...
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Resetting admin password in Drupal in localhost

April 6, 2015
Drupal-7 store one way encrypted password in database and can not be recover if we forgot. Below is the code we can use to reset your password of your choice. (You can reset it using sending email I am showing how to reset it using backend) Just create a file “new_password.php” (or with any other name) inside ...
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Drupal 7: Adding custom fields for Profile page.

April 1, 2015
DRUPAL 7 If you want to add additional fields for profile and registeration pages in Drupal-7 follow following steps: 1) Enable (if not enable) the Profile module from Admin -> Module. 2) Go to Admin -> Configuration -> Account settings -> Manage Fields. You will see “Add new field” label. Enter Label for new field and data type for ...
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