How to change the port number of an Apache Web server?

There are many instance where we need to change apache port number so that other system/application work properly.

Following are some conflicts that may occur:

1) Installing IIS on same machine. Change IIS PORT

2) Skype also used same port. How change Skype port.

Either you can change the port of ohter Application or change the apache port.

Sharing below steps how you can change the apache port in wamp installation.

1) Open httpd.conf file: [Am listing httpd.conf file location in different environments.]

    a) For XAMP it is located in "C:\xampp\apache\conf\httpd.conf"

    b) For MAMP it is located in "/Applications/MAMP/conf/apache/httpd.conf"

    c) For Fedora Core, CentOS, RHEL it is located in "/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf"

    d) For WAMP "C:\wamp64\bin\apache\apache2.4.23\conf" folder or from system try like below:


2) Look for "80" in file and updat it with "8080". Save and close the file.


3) Now go to System try click on wamp icon and restart the server


4) Go to browser and hit "http://localhost:8080/".You will see index page.


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