How to change IIS port in windows

Showing here, how you can update IIS server port number in windows 10/8 system. There may be several reason you want to change the port but for me its WAMP, I am using it for PHP projects. IIS and WAMP use same port which make trouble developing. So I updated IIS port. You can also update the WAMP port, referring to My BLOG

Follow the below steps to update IIS server port number:

1) Go start and type IIS


2) IIS Manager will open. click on "Default Web Site" on left hand side.


3) click on "bindings..." from the right side action section.

4) Popup will open with 80 port listed. select it and click the edit button as below


5) Update the port and restart the server.

Now try to access using browser like below:


Hope this will help someone!!!

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