How can I check my CIBIL score for free

You can check your CIBILscore for free as well as with subscription. Follow the below steps to get CIBIL Report:

1) Go to url :

2) Page open with the form, which will ask your basic detail, fill all neccessary details:

cibil free form

Note: If you are already register with the CIBIL it will give you error like below:

Cibil Registration

3) If you are a new user, CIBIL send your SMS with score and an email with password. You can see success page like below:

4) Now go to Login page, and enter your email id and password (send by CIBIL on your email account). Page redirect you to reset password page (if you are first time login) where you can update your password. 5) After resetting the password, you can log in with your account. You can see dashboard like below.

cibil dashboard

Your credit score and other details like home loan, car loan etc will be available under "View Report => Account Information"

Hope it will help some out there!!!

You can subscribe to get more useful information from CIBIL like Credit Report summary which includes Current Credit Exposure or Current credit liability and Activity report which includes Late payments, Account open and account closed etc.

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