Cordova : CLI usefull command

Here is the list of Cordova useful commands:

1) Creating project

$ cordova create abcApp com.SM.abcApp abcApp

2) Use to update the platform projects after you edit the config.xml. It is very useful.

$ cordova prepare

3) It will clean your project before you build next time.

$ cordova clean

4) Adding android platform to your project.

$ cordova platform add android --nofetch

5) Initiate android version of your project. It must be run after add platform command.

$ cordova run android

6) Removing specific platform from your project. Below command will remove andorid.

$ cordova platform rm andorid
$ cordova platform rm andorid --debug

7) To run with debug mode

$ cordova platform add andorid

8) Adding plugin to project.

$ cordova plugin add plugin-name

9) Checks and print out all the installation requirements for platforms specified

$ Cordova requirement

10) to build apk for the app.

$ cordova build android

11) Adding browser as a platorm

$ cordova platform add browser

12) After adding running project in browser.

$ cordova run browser
$ cordova run browser --livereload


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