How to deploy application in IIS server

I am developing C# MVC 4.0 project in Visual Studio and it is working good. Now I want to test my application in IIS server install locally. Windows 8/10 come with IIS by default, just need to enable it.

Here I am sharing how you can publish your application to IIS server.

1) Right Click project in Solution explorer and select "Publish"

Publish solution explorer

2) Profile: Create new profile using dropdown. Enter the name of the profile by selecting "<New…>" from the dropdown.

publish Profile

3) Connection: Select "Publish method" as "Web Deploy" and "Service URL" as "localhost" and "Site/Application" as "Default Web Site/test1" (See below screenshot)

Publish Connection settings

Click on "Validate Connection" button at the bottomm of "Connection" section. you should get green right mark. If you enter site something else then "Default Web Site" it will give error as below:

"Web Deployment task failed. (Site 'localhost' does not exist Learn more at: "

Publish wrong Connection settings

4) Settings: Configuration can be "Debug" or "Release". I have selected as "Debug". And uncheck all checkboxes under "Database" section. In my case i am using local database only. So ignore this.

Publish Database settings

5) Preview: On preivew, click on "Start Preview" button in the middle of the popup. it will start listing all your files and other assets that need to add to local server.

publish preview

6) Publish: Finally click on "Publish" button at the bottom of the popup. It will start publishing your site to IIS server.

Publish IIS server

7) Verify IIS: Now open your IIS Manager and check Sites=> Default web site => test1 will get listed. Now you can select the Application and from right pane click on browse, your site will launch on default browser.

My application versions are:

IIS version: 10
Visual Studio : Ultimate 2012
C# : MVC 4.0

Hope this will help some.

Your feedbacks are most welcome..