enable/disable delete confirmation windows 10

Delete confirmation dialog box is something which gives a chance to be sure before deleting any file or folder.

In Windows 8 and 10 by default this confirmation box got removed, so the user need to enable it manually. It is to be handy to have confirmation box if you by mistakenly press the delete button you loose that file ( you may recover it from recycle bin, but again that is a different story). I will always recommend having that confirmation dialog box with you.

Here I am sharing how you can enable or disable delete confirmation dialog box.

Step 1. Go to the desktop of your Windows 8 or 10 machine.

Step 2. Search for shortcut icon of "Recycle Bin" and right click on it.

Recyle right click

Step 3. Select the "Properties" from the menu. It will open up a popup. Recyle property

Step 4. Now you can see the attribute "display delete confirmation dialog", you can enable or disable by clicking checkbox in front of it.

Step 5. just check that attribute and click "Apply" button to affect the changes in system. Now if you try to delete any file you will get the delete confirmation box as below:

delete confirmation dialogue box

Thats its!!

Your feedbacks are most welcome..