Exporting favourite places from Here Map and importing to google map

Here map allows you to set your favorite places but if you want to migrate from Here map it does not allow you to export your favorite places. So here I am showing how you can export data and get imported to google map. Once it is imported to google map you can export and import in any maps.

Please follow the below steps to export it:

1) Login to Here map Click.   

2) Click the link "Favourite Place" it will open your favorite places in JSON format. Right click on page and save it as "favorite_places.json".

Here map favourite places

3) Now you need to convert JSON file to csv so that we can import it to google map. Go to site https://json-csv.com/ and upload your file "favorite_places.json" and it will show you your data in tabular format.

4) Click on "Download" button to to get downloaded to your local system. Note: We have many sites online which allows you to convert json to csv file. few more sites are like: A. http://www.convertcsv.com/json-to-csv.htm B. http://www.onlinejsonconvert.com/json-csv.php 4. Login to google maps. And to go my maps.

5) Click on "Create A New Map", it will take you to new page.

6) Click on "import" link (see the screen shot below), it will open a popup with option to select file of type CSV, XLSX, KML or GPX to import places.

google map Import

7) Select the file you saved in CSV format.It will parse and ask for the columns that can be used to mark the places on google map. You need to select latitude and longitude for better accurancy. Select the columns and click on continue.

google map select position

8) Next popup will ask you to select the "title" for your places. You can select any one column as per your wish.

google map select title

9) Click on "finish" and your all places will be imported to google map.

Some useful links: Google Map import :https://support.google.com/mymaps/answer/3024836

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