Generating ERD using PHPMyAdmin

Generating ERD using PHPMyAdmin 4.0 (Older Version)

Today I need to generate ERD for my Database. If you search on net you will get number of people suggest Workbench for it but as i am using PHPMyAdmin as an GUI for my Mysql database I just don't want to install workbench only for generating ERD. And above all when PHPMyAdmin support it (from 3.4 version) than what more I need.

So here I am sharing few steps to generate ERD from PHPMyAdmin: Go to your PHPMyAdmin setup, usually it is "http://localhost/phpmyadmin" in your local machine.

  • Select the database for which you want to generate.
  • Select "Designer" from the menu item. You will land on page with different options to create ERD.
  • Once you are done with ERD creation, click on "Export schema" icon from the left menu.
  • Import_ExportcoordinatesforPDFschema
  • You will get a popup to save it as PDF by default. You may have other options too.
  • Than Click on "Go" button at the bottom of the popup to generate the ERD diagram as PDF document.

My PHPMyAdmin version: 4.9.2

My MySql Version: 8.0

That all!!! Its very easy and simple

Your feedbacks are most welcome..