Getting issue after installation of cordova-barcodescanner-plugin


To Read QR code scanner I install "cordova-barcodescanner-plugin" plugin from the command prompt. Installation is successful but when tried build it for android it giving me error as below:

"The value of the attribute "prefix="xmlns",localpart="android",rawname="xmlns:android"" is invalid. Prefixed namespace bindings may not be empty."

I tried a lot debugging it but could not. After googling found that different version of the plugin will work then I did below steps to overcome plugin issue:

1. First, you need to uninstall it by using the command:

> Cordova plugin rm cordova-barcodescanner-plugin

Try building now. It should work.

2. Now install "cordova-plugin-barcodescanner@0.7.1" using below command:

> cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-barcodescanner@0.7.1

3. Update config.xml file with 'xmlns:android=""'.

4. update config.xml with below lines:

<config-file mode='merge' parent='/*' target='AndroidManifest.xml'>
  <uses-permission android:name='android.permission.CAMERA' xmlns:android='' />
  <uses-feature android:name='' xmlns:android='' />
  <uses-feature android:name='' xmlns:android='' />


Now if you try to build the project (cordova run android) it will work. Above changes help me to over come the issue. Hope it will help someone!!!


Your feedbacks are most welcome..