How to know CIBIL scores

CIBIL score is a number between 1 to 1000 based on credit history of an individual. It helps individual for getting the faster approval of loans like home, car or personal. Bank and other financial institution majorly rely on CIBIL scores before they lend money to individuals.

So it is important to know the CIBIL score, which is provided free as well as with Subscription. For free subscription I have a different blog, you can follow that to create an account and know the CIBIL score. Click here to view the blog.

With Subscription, you get access to other CIBIL Services like Loan Offers, Credit Monitoring and Dispute Assistance with an option to submit your remarks for the dispute account to the bank.

Follow the below steps to create a Paid subscription:

1) Click the link to register: CIBIL Registration

2) Fill out all details and opt one of three option for payment ( Subscriptions as on July 2021):

  • BASIC ( 550/-)
  • STANDARD ( 800/-)
  • PREMIUM( 1200/-)

CIBIL Registration Form

3) As soon as you submit the form and make a payment you will get an email with a password.

4) Go to login page, enter your registered email id and password and login.

You need to reset the password if you are logging the first time. Some useful links:

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