How to turn off keyboard vibration while typing text on MI note 4

By default keyboard vibration on typing text is on. It took me sometime to search for setting and making it off. it is annoying having viration while type messages on phone so i made it off.

Follow below steps to make vibration off in your Redmi note 4 having MIUI version 9 with android version 7:

1) Go to Setting and look for "Additional setting" and click on it

Redmi Note 4

2) Inside "additional Settings" look for "Languages & input" and click on it.

3) Now you will find setting for "Swiftkey Keyboard" as below:

Redmi Note 4 (2)

4) You will find four options inside Swift key click on "Typing".

Redmi Note 4 (3)

5) Inside "Typing" select "Sound & Vibration"

swiftkey keyboard settings

6) Here you will find setting for enabling/disabling "Keypress Vibration". Make it disable if you don't want to vibrate phone while typing text.

Redmi Note 4 (4)

It will effect immediately, if not try to restart the phone will stop vibrating while texting.

Your feedbacks are most welcome..