How to increase the size of the clipboard in Windows 10 or 7

Posted on August 22, 2017 by Suresh Kamrushi in Windows

How to increase the size of the Clipboard:

    1. In windows open RUN prompt and type sysdm.cpl into the open box and press the Enter key.
    2. Click the Advanced tab in the System Properties window. Click the Settings button under the Performance label header.
system Properties

system Properties

    1. Click the Advanced tab in the Performance Options window. Under the Virtual Memory header, click the Change... button.
    2. Clear the check box next to the Automatically manage paging file
      size for all drives
      option. This disables automatic “Virtual Memory” settings in Windows and enable “Custome size” option.
Virtual Memory

Virtual Memory

  1. Select the “Custome size” and  enter a new value for the size of the new paging file. Enter a value larger than the current paging file size in the “Maximum Size” field (enter the value in megabytes). Click the Set button and then OK.
  2. Restart the computer for the new “Virtual Memory” settings to take effect. The Windows Clipboard now stores more data when copying and pasting between applications.

Reference: I need to increase the clip board size in Word

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