Installing laravel 5 on WAMP or XAMPP

Follow below steps to configure/install Laravel 5.4 on WAMP or XAMPP servers.

To install you need composer and wamp (for XAMPP also you can follow the same steps) running in your local system.

Step 1. Download the composer from official composer site. You can also get the composer link from Laraval documentation page HERE.

Step 2. Install composer once executable file is downloaded. To make sure composer is install, go to command prompt and type "composer", you must get screen like below:

Laraval Composer

Step 3. Now with the help of composer you can create your first laraval project. Go to the command prompt and change the directory to "wamp64/www" and type the command as below:

composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel blog

Here composer will create the project with folder "blog". And will download all dependencies and configure laravel for you. It will take some time as it will download from the net.

Laraval creating project

Step 4: Once composer done with installation just check "blog" folder in your "www" directory. Now to make it work you need run command as "php artisan serve" like below. It will create project accessible with localhost port 8000. everytime you need to access project you need to do this step.

Laraval start project

Step 5: Now go to browser and access the "blog" project like "http://localhost:8000/". Laravel Welcome page will get displyed.

Laraval project

That it's!!!

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