How to make applications start on Ubuntu startup

Posted on December 3, 2016 by Suresh Kamrushi in General

I just wanted to open firefox whenever I start the Ubuntu. It is little different then window operating system. I am showing here how you can add firefox to launch  whenever we start the Ubuntu.

Step 1 : From Dash open “Startup Applications” like below:

ubuntu - start application

ubuntu – start application

Step 2 : On “Startup Applications” popup click “Add” button, which allow you to enter “Name”, “command” and “comments”.

ubuntu - start firfox

ubuntu – start firfox

Step 3 : In command you need to add command associated with that applications, for example Mozilla firefox it is “firefox”, alternatively you can click “Browse…” and navigate to the file and select the correct one. Fill the rest values and click “Add” button.

ubuntu - start up Programme

ubuntu – start up Programme

Step 4 : Now if you restart the system it will open the firefox as soon as system start.

My environment:
Ubuntu 12.10

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