My first experience with Codeigniter

Posted on August 10, 2013 by Suresh Kamrushi in PHP

Earlier, say 1.5 years back I have created a project in cakephp and my experience is good with CakePHP.Now when i try to create another project with cakePHP version 1.2 i am unable to do that. I unable to generate files from console it is giving me error regarding PHP that some of the functions are deprecated. I try to get help from net and i see number of videos available in youtube to help generating files from console.Even though i still not be able to configure it in my PC.It might be possible that CakePHP is not comfortable with PHP5.2 version. I don’t know the reason, or it might be possible that i miss out something.Than I search another MVC framework which will be best suited for my project and found Codeigniter.When I start digging it I found that it is very easy compare to CakePHP and am able to configure it within 1 hour.So if your project is not targeting large audience than you can go codeigniter.
Really i like codeigniter!!!!

Three cheers for CodeIgniter Group!!!

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