Nokia Lumia 620 pros and cons

When i thought of purchasing new mobile many friends suggested to have nokia lumia with windows 8.It has good facility with best price in market. Mobile performance is good. Interface, look and feel is better and Windows 8 new mobile is new in market. Some of the good features which i like most: Windows 8: 1) Battery backup is much better than other mobiles. 2) With phone you will get 8 GB memory space and 512 RAM. 3) Facility of Kid's Corner is really a good one. 4) HERE Maps and drive will work without net connection i.e. offline. 5) Hotspot, which allow your mobile to be act as Wifi device 6) Performance is much better as compare to other mobiles. But after some time I found many small functionality are missing with the phone like: 1) There is no facility to know call duration. After making a call if you want to see how many minutes you have talk over phone you cant. You can see during the call only but not after the call. 2) There is no call recording facility. Even if you download some app from the store it does not support it. 3) There is no file Manager. You can download few app but they does not show complete directory structure. 4) Phone volume is common across all application. Suppose if you increase the volume of phone while listing songs than ringing volume also get increase. 5) You can not create playlist with individual songs from different albums. Even if you do so whole album get added. 5) And applications are limited as compare to Android and Apple. [si-contact-form form='1']

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