Mile Stones!!

Join NCC
Most exciting and memorable days in my life. Completed my NCC from 4th Maharashtra Battalion Nagpur from 1999 to 2002. Attended three camp at Kolhapur (Trekking), Pune (National camp) and Nagpur.

Started Wroking
Part time started immediately after my graduation and but full time started around 2003 with audit work at WCL and later i got job in SAICONS as Accountant in Nagpur only. I was their around 3 years and learned a lot.

Carreer switch..
After working more than +3 years in Accounts and Audit, changed carrier from Accounting to Web development. Now i am working from 2007 and doing well. Actually satisfied. Trying to cope up with upcoming new things and developing new softwares.

4 years in Pune
Started my software carrier with pune in a small company and work with different company as i progress. Pune is a good city in respect of Jobs, Hills Station, Water falls, Forts and many more. Most of the weekend I used to explore Pune with friend and try to capture some good photos……:)

Started Hyderabad from June 2011
Shifted to Hyderabad, The Hitech city. Nagpur is a big town, Pune big city and hyderabad is Metro city. Good place to live (except Food). Really a big difference if food as compare to Nagpur.