Antarvedi, a East Godavari sea beach

Got a chance to visit A Antarvedi, place where you can see Godawari meet to Bay of Bengal. We stay at Amalapuram which is also a famous for Putarekulu (we test it and bought a lot of it).We started from Hyderabad @09:30 PM by Train (Gowtami), and get off at Rajahmundry. Fortunately we got a cab from Rajahmundry to Amalapuram where we already booked our rooms. My two friend's family lives near to Amlapuram, that day, in afternoon we had lunch with Satish Raju family. His father firming Prawns, he told us everything as how to take care of them by feeding food, keep them warm, and protecting them from the diseases. His mother prepared lunch (Fish, Prawns and Crab) for us, I will never forgot that test (As compare to "Malvani" (Kokan Maharashtra) Style it is totally different.) In evening we went to Yanam. There is small park in the shore of Godawari. If you test the water you will ashotonished as it is salty. We taken lots of photos, did some boating and tested some local food.

We return around 8 PM, after refreshing up again went to Local Dhaba. I never expect in that interior of Andhra pradesh we could find a Dhaba, But that was good one.

Next day morning we went to Antarvedi which is around 50 KM from Amalapuram and took around 2 hrs of biking. Both side of road is full of coconut tree and paddy farms. One thing i noticed, whatever village we are passing by having a canel besides of road. These cannel are build by Sir Arthur Cotton and they are still maintaing by local authority.

Around 11 we reach Antarvedi, there is a famous Lord Sri Lakshminarasimha Swamy temple, after pooja we went to beach, there you can see the place from where you can experience Godavari meets to Bay of Bengal. That view is awesome. On left side a big ocean and on the other hand Godavari.

On beach a boat person reach us and offers to take a little island ride. There are many small-small land between the river. He took us there for around 1 hour. we 4 played a lot. There on one side we have sea and one side godawari.

After exhausting completely, we decided to come back to the beach and took our bike drive back to Amalapuram. In afternoon Satish Mamaji already invited us for Lunch. We just taken bath in our room and went to Mamaji's house. Again we tested the sea food which awesome and you will never test it anywhere esle. We enjoy every bite of it. In our tour we have free and freash coconut and Mangoes from the farm. Thanks to Satish Raju, Vikram and Satish Kumar.

Antarvedi--@Satish FarmAwesome lunch Crab, fish and chikenSatish FamilyYanam- BoatingAntarvedi - beachAntarvedi - beachAntarvedi - beachAntarvedi - beachAntarvedi - beach

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