Wamp server port conflict with skype

If you are a PHP developer with WAMP install in you system which gives error for port number (if skype is already started). WAMP does not go green if you are logged in to skype and wanted to start your WAMP server it will not start. We can solve this problem in two ways:

A) Start your WAMP befor you login to skype. So that WAMP will take over the the port and there will be no conflict with the port number. And you are able to use Skype as well as WAMP. But this is not the permanent solution for your problem. Whenever you want to start WAMP you need to signout Skype first and than only you are able to start WAMP. Which is really i don't like.

B) Second option is to change the port of Skype itself, so that it will not conflict with WAMP. Following screen/steps will help you to solve this problem:


1) SignIn to Skype.

2) Got to the Tools -> options

3) Select the "Advanced" -> Connection

4) Unchecked "Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections" checkbox and click save.

5) Now Signout and SignIn again to skype. Now every time you start WAMP will not conflict with skype.

C) Third option is to change Apache port in wamp installation. Refer my blog HERE to update apache port and resolve conflict.

I think it will solves someones problem out their.

Your feedbacks are most welcome..